What we do

Strengthening and amplifying our collective impact

Parenting across Scotland (PAS) supports children and families through its network of member organisations.

We work together to realise our vision:

A Scotland where all parents and families are valued and supported to give children the best possible start in life.

Together with our member organisations we ensure that parents and caregivers are valued and supported to raise Scotland’s children.

Making parents' voices heard

We bring the diverse voices of parents and caregivers to national and local policymakers and to service providers, setting and illuminating the agenda for what needs to change, and catalysing improvements in policy and practice. This involves:

  • Talking to politicians and decision-makers about what parents have told us matters to them
  • Running parliamentary events where parents and politicians share their parenting stories
  • Responding to consultations about issues which affect families
  • Developing ideas to improve the services that parents use.

Research, testing and analysis

Our work with policymakers and service providers is guided by research and consultation. We carry out research in a number of ways:

  • Asking parents in Scotland what matters to them through polls, surveys and focus groups
  • Asking callers to our helplines about current parenting issues, like how they are coping in the recession
  • Carrying out or commissioning studies; for example, about parents with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities.

Where innovation and change impacts on parents and families, we respond by:

  • Enabling, supporting and reporting on innovation and tests of change relevant to parents and families
  • Identifying, analysing, and highlighting how and where decisions in any sector affect parents.
  • Providing feedback and evidence to the relevant agencies.

Keeping practitioners in the loop

We are in touch with a wide range of people working with families across Scotland, ensuring that they stay up to date with the latest research, innovation, and good practice. We do this by:

  • Running conferences about parenting
  • Hold seminars on parenting issues with our partners
  • Producing an e-newsletter which includes good practice in parenting support
  • Sharing information on parenting research.