About us

Supporting children, parents and families in Scotland

Families, in all their shapes and sizes, are the foundation of our society and our future. Parents and other family members mostly do a great job in bringing up children but it can be tough at times.

Parenting across Scotland is a network of charities which offers support to children and families in Scotland. We work together to focus on parenting issues and to help realise our vision:

A Scotland where all parents and families are valued and supported to give children the best possible start in life.

What we do

We find out what matters to parents and families and what they need, and get this across to politicians. We also share research, policy and good practice with people who work with families.

We also provide support for parents and families through our information service and partners' helplines.

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Our members

Our members are made up of children's charities and organisations that support thousands of parents and families in Scotland.  Parenting across Scotland's partners include:

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We acknowledge the support of the Scottish Government through a CYPFEIF and ALEC Fund Grant.