Families affected by disability

This is a group of families which has particular vulnerabilities and yet there is relatively little information. The evidence response suggests we need to look at how we gather that information.  They are more likely to be living in poverty, relationship breakdown rates are higher, and experience more difficulties with work and childcare.  We need to consider how we assess needs and respond.

Families affected by disability are far more likely to be living in poverty; less likely to be in work; but find it more difficult to find childcare. New draft statutory guidance on childcare will require local authorities to consult parents on what their childcare needs are; it includes particular reference to parents of disabled children. Perhaps this will show what is needed so that we can respond effectively.

20% of people have a long-term health condition or disability.  The majority of those households did not contain dependent children.  There are 136,625 households with dependent children.

The number of unpaid carers remained stable but they are putting in increased hours of unpaid care.  Carers Scotland estimates that carers save the public purse £10bn a year.  We need to ask how we best support unpaid carers and how is this reflected in the Carers (Scotland) Bill.