Discussion 4: Evidence gaps: What do we want/need to know?

Key points from discussion

  • Important not to generalise
  • Statistics can hide issues
  • Need more qualitative research

Q1. What further information needs to be gathered about families in Scotland?

Priority! In work poverty - working families still in poverty

  • part time work
  • low paid work
  • zero hours contracts

Q2. What more information do we need to support families affected by disability, families affected by imprisonment, blended families?

  • Families affected by imprisonment - half of all prisoners have children   
    • What support do they need
    • Where are the children?
    • What % of prisoners maintain contact?
    • What is the impact on children?
  • Cohabitation - can't rely on marriage/divorce figures for information on relationships
  • Relation support - why is it 5 years for cohabiting couple and 10 years for married couple? Qualitative research required
  • Blended families - important not to generalise the statistics
  • Same sex couples
  • Young carers - more about children caring for a parent, what is the service provision for these children?
  • Parents with a disability or mental health problem - is there a greater chance of children being 'looked after'?
  • Families affected by disability - accessibility of services including rural areas, transport is key
  • Issues relating to transition to 'adult' services - drop off in services