10th anniversary celebration

What a difference a decade makes. That's the conclusion we come to in our report of the first ten years of working for parents and families in Scotland.

There are some gains and some losses.  Scotland's policy on families is far more supportive than it was in 2004, and PAS has been closely involved in notable developments such as the National Parenting Strategy and the campaign for more health visitors.

However, at the end of 2014, families are feeling the impact of the financial crisis and UK Government policy.  Cutting welfare benefits, increasing child poverty and in-work poverty mean that many families are finding it harder to manage.  Vital services are being reduced despite increasing demand.

PAS' contribution to parents/carers and professionals has focused on a combination of information; research; and policy.  This is based on the experiences of parents and carers and communicated directly by parents/carers and through the partners which make up PAS.

Childcare and family-friendly working are the two most essential elements of our work programme for the immediate future - two parts of the same equation which will help families flourish.

While it is hard to predict what the next ten years will bring, PAS will continue to listen to families and to put their concerns and interests to policy makers and politicians.

Download PAS 10th anniversary report

As part of the celebrations we asked parents 'what's the best thing about being a parent?'. See what parents told us......