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Supporting families: a rights-based approach

Many families in Scotland are struggling because of austerity. Finances, housing and health are all under pressure. The UNCRC states that the family is the most appropriate place for children and that parents hold rights on behalf of their children, and that the state has a duty to support parents in delivering these rights. Parenting across Scotland and Home-Start Scotland came together to explore how the incorporation of the UNCRC into Scots law can support families to exercise these rights on behalf of their children.

Protecting children: a social model

This event celebrated the launch of Protecting children: a social model. The book’s key thesis is that the practices that have been developed to protect children need to be understood and located within a wider appreciation, that for many families, especially those living in poverty, such practices are experienced as paradoxically over-intrusive and neglectful. The authors argue that another way is possible, and offer a message of hope developing a social model of protecting children.