Parenting - David Marshall, Dads Rock

David Marshall is co-founder and National Development Officer at Dads Rock. He is married with two small children. I'm so happy PAS have asked me to add my super tips to this campaign. Support and advice is key when bringing up kids of all ages, whether you're a first time parent or parent to many kids. I hope my hints/tips work for you. · Listen to your kids - whatever age they are, babies/toddlers have their own way of communicating with us. This can be sign language, pointing or the old fashioned "shouting" at an object. This can be, at times very tricky to master, but don't despair, make it fun, and talk to your child, tune in to them as well as them tuning into you. · Its ok to be crazy in public. Don't pay attention to what others think when they see you making faces at your child or talking to them in a different sound. Don't allow fun & learning to be restricted to indoors. · The transition time between nursery and primary 1: use the long 6-7 week summer holidays to really raise the profile of going to primary school. Speak about how they'll have their own desk, still be able to draw, paint, make mess with sand & water but have their very own school bag - and a pencil case. I have very fond memories of going to Woolworths with my parents during the summer holidays to buy my school stationery and school bag prior to starting Primary 1. The smell of new pencils and graphite always brings a smile to my face. · Speak to other parents who are going through the same things as you at local playgroups/toddler groups. Dads Rock is ideal for those male care givers who want to have fun, and come together with other dads and kids aged 0-5 yrs. · 2016 brings the Year Of The Dad, a celebration and a public message that having dads involved in children's lives is a positive thing. Find out more at · When the kids go to bed, try and use that time to wind down/chill out/chillax( as the young un's call it). Us adults need a rest as well as the kids. Watch a movie, read a book................the list is endless.