25 Calls to change children’s lives for the better

National charity Children in Scotland is marking its 25th anniversary by launching a major campaign focusing on the policy, legislative and societal changes needed to ensure children enjoy equality and experience their rights.

25 Calls will make 25 proposals for change, ranging from improving learning experiences for children to strengthening community voice and participation.

Over the past six months the charity has been consulting young people, members, sector partners and its staff to develop the 25 calls. They will be announced at a special anniversary networking event in Edinburgh on 10 October.

Children in Scotland’s CEO Jackie Brock said:

“We are in a unique and exciting position as the national membership organisation for the children’s sector in Scotland, and we’ve spent our 25th year speaking to people who work with children every day, researchers into children’s development, charities who stand up for children’s rights, schools and nurseries, parents and carers, and children and young people themselves, to gather their views on what needs to change.”

Find out more here or email csmall@childreninscotland.org.uk for information about the campaign
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