Key family research

Parenting across Scotland

In the pink? in the red? or in between?

Single parents and families living in deprived areas are feeling the pinch, suffering financially related stress and cutting back on food, heating and children's clothes. Our Ipsos MORI Poll for 2015 puts family finances across Scotland under the microscope.

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Let's talk teens: consultations with parents/carers 2014

Research has shown that there is a shortage of information for parents and carers of teenagers. So, in March 2014, Parenting across Scotland consulted with parents and carers of young people (11-19 year olds) about their information needs. This report details the findings.

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Family households: How have family households in Scotland changed over 2001-2011?

This Evidence Request Bank report seeks to address the evidence request 'How have family households in Scotland changed over 2001-2011? It aims to give service providers up-to-date and accurate information about family households in Scotland, which they can use to ensure that children and families are receiving the services and support they need.

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What Scottish parents tell us

On a regular basis, we ask parents how they get the information and support they need to bring up their children. We also ask about a range of other issues, e.g. the recession, children's behaviour, health visitors and their experiences of parenting.

Centre for Research on Families and Relationships

Growing up in Scotland

This study follows the lives of Scotland's children from infancy through to their teens. It is one of the largest longitudinal studies ever done in Scotland (following 8,000 children annually) and provides information that will help develop policies affecting children and their families in Scotland.

Parenting teenagers (About Families)

The first study in the About Families programme looks at what research tells us about relationship and behaviour issues in parenting teenagers.

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Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Parenting and the different ways it can affect children's lives

Seven literature reviews of research on parenting looking at what can research tell us about the influence of parenting, especially parent-child relationships in 'ordinary' families.

Diversity, complexity and change in parenting

Examines parenting in Britain during early and middle childhood within different social and cultural groups. It also looks at how parenting develops and changes over time.

Assessments of parenting and parenting support needs

Explores mainstream parent-practitioner consultations and the influence of personal experience and diversity factors. This research examined the perspectives of 54 practitioners working within education, health and social care.

NHS Health Scotland

Health and parenting information: meeting the needs of all parents

Considers the information and support  needs of parents who services find hard to reach but focuses primarily on  information to support child health and parenting.

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