Siobhan has two children, one of her children has ADHD

I have a daughter in P5 and a son in S4. Homeschooling has been challenging. My daughter has ADHD and is only medicated for school. I've continued to medicate at home so that she can focus on her learning.

Her emotions are all over the place and I have to regularly encourage and support her through her daily tasks. I am enjoying the time with her and getting to see how much she has improved academically. Her teacher has been great at keeping her motivated through remote learning.

My son is very self sufficient and is getting his work completed without any problems.

We are incredibly lucky that they both have devices to enable them to complete their work online however, I do try, where I can, limit their screen time. I am glad that the teachers are assigning their work and I can help and assist my children. I'm a firm believer in routine and this helps us all as a family. They miss their friends and the social aspect of school. I don’t know how they would cope if I wasn't able to help them with their motivation and learning.

I work in a school but have no childcare and my husband is a key worker. I made the decision not to send my children to a hub, for their safety.

I am scared about how things will be when it is decided all pupils should return to school.