Lorraine, a professional childminder, is continuing to childmind

I'm a registered professional childminder and I'm currently working with two key worker families.

I miss all my other childminding 'leopard cubs' (my service is called Lorraine's Leopard Cubs). The children in my service are coping really well while their parents are working through Covid 19. I have a private childcare page through Facebook where I keep in contact with all the other children I look after. They are all loving the precious time with their mums and dads and others that live in their homes with them.

This is a scary, uncertain time for all of us but children are just as vulnerable and scared as we are. We must try to make this a happy time for them, filled with adventures and learning. We must strive to meet all their little needs and answer all their worries with honesty and love. Children are very resilient.... I love my job and even more so at this lock down time, it is so important that I support my ‘key worker families’ by keeping the children in my service feeling loved, warm and secure.

Well .... that's just my job ♥️ Stay safe everyone ❤️

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