Life in lockdown has been a strange time

Cat, one daughter in P7 and a son at university

Life in lockdown has been a strange time. The first few weeks were a bit of novelty. It took a fair bit of time to get used to working at home (not something I have previously been the biggest fan of!) and trying to get my head around home learning.

I think the first few weeks felt quite structured as we tried to keep to a normal routine but as time has gone by it’s becoming harder.

My children’s motivation for work or to keep busy has definitely reduced and on some days doing any schoolwork has been difficult. Although our school were great at getting information out to help us, I don’t feel much of it was suitable for my daughter who has support needs. It took a long time to have a conversation with the school about what I was doing with her and whether what we were focusing on was helpful. My daughter is in P7 and so she has been very emotional about missing her friends and the last term of primary school and worrying about high school so there has been a lot of handholding and discussions about the current situation. Keeping in touch with her friends via Zoom and doorstep waves to friends have helped.

I think the best way to describe the whole situation is like a rollercoaster. Some days start off well but by the end of the day I feel like I haven’t done well on either the school or work front. My work has been great in terms of understanding the situation but it’s difficult to let go of the guilt that I am not doing enough of either thing.

I definitely feel it has affected my mental health and would say my levels of anxiety have been quite high. Throw in a very sick elderly member of my close family, a stepdaughter who works in England as a doctor on a Coronavirus ward and a partner who has still being going into work it’s not surprising.

Throughout it all I have tried to hold onto the positives – of spending extra time I would never have had with my daughter and seeing first-hand what her learning needs are and thinking about how I can help as she moves to high school. We’ve had some laughs too and these have made the whole thing feel not so bad.