Becoming a new mum in lockdown

It’s the final night-time feed. The house is quiet, my lovely baby is feeding well, and I feel peaceful. 

Baby is only seven weeks old and as a new family lockdown has bought us invaluable bonding time and an air of calm even though we are first time parents. 

My partner is working from home, he was only allowed three days paternity but having his support throughout the day for the last seven weeks has been incredible. When he needs a screen break, he changes a nappy!

It can be challenging all being together within a small flat, but we just keep hugging and holding one another and that seems to help a lot.

It’s nice not having to get the house, the baby or myself ready for visitors. There’s been no one telling me how to be a mother; we are all finding our own way through reading advice, trying, and making changes slowly.

There’s no guilt of not being with the family, there’s short walks alone for exercise and a little solitude and best of all there’s cuddles when I get home.