Working with families – a strengths-based approach

Peeple is a charity offering training to practitioners in a number of programmes: Peep Learning Together Programme, Peep Ante-Natal programme and Early Communication Matters. Practitioners working directly with families then support parents with their children’s learning and development by delivering the programmes directly to families.

The Peep Learning Together Programme (LTP) is a strengths-based programme well founded in research. The home learning environment and strong attachment relationships in the early years have a profound impact on children’s outcomes. The LTP has been evaluated in five independent research studies by the Universities of Oxford and Warwick which confirmed that Peep reaches isolated families and engages them in their children’s learning. Families and facilitators work together in a group setting or on a 1:1 basis to identify strengths and explore difficulties together.

The Learning Together Programme is a structured and flexible toolbox of 74 child development topics separated into five strands: personal, social and emotional development, communication and language, early literacy, early maths and health and physical development. Peep-trained practitioners can choose topics in response to the needs and interests of their families.

Every topic has supporting material for practitioners and families to use which can be printed or shared with families via social media. For example: ‘Peep tips’ for parents (e.g. HPD ‘Building a brain’, shown) and ‘Things to do at Home’ (suggestions given after every Peep session for families to have a go themselves)

Parent attending Peep at health clinic:

“And I just thought, I’m going to go in there. Everybody will judge because all my baby did was cry… But it didn’t bother nobody. And I thought [laughs]! I’m in a place where nobody’s staring… When we went the first time they had duvets down, with treasure baskets And when they start singing, the children - it’s amazing to them. Their little faces ... she loved it!”

Parent attending Peep sessions at a nursery:

“I’m a mum to three and have always enjoyed playing with them but at the group I learned so much. I am more in tune with my little boy and what helps him learn. Since going to Peep everyone at home takes it in turn to read a bedtime story to our youngest child.”

Peep tips - building a brain

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