Social Work 2020 under Covid 19

A number of social work academics have come together to found a new free magazine, Social Work 2020 under Covid 19, which will run during the Covid 19 crisis. The initial editorial collective is Professor Brid Featherstone; Professor Anna Gupta; Christian Kerr; Gillian McIntyre; Abid Quinn Aziz and Robin Sen.

The first edition came out on 9th April 2020.

The magazine arises out of a belief that there is much currently going on of high relevance to social work and social care in the UK under Covid-19, but currently an accessible format to bring some of those discussions together in a timely way is lacking.

We want articles about issues that are of interest to those who use social work or social care services, those who provide them and those who undertake teaching or research around them under Covid-19, written by those people. We're committed to a constructive, critical engagement around the responses of big business, Governments, governmental and non-governmental agencies during the Covid-19 crisis. We’re also committed to a plurality of voices and perspectives.

More about the founding purposes and submission guidance can be found here.

Articles should normally be between 500 – 1500 words. If you are interested in submitting something please get in touch with us by email: