Resources for parents with learning difficulties

The number of parents with learning disabilities in the UK is growing.  And they have a right to good information to support them in their parenting role.

NHS Health Scotland is working to ensure that they have this and over the last two years, it has provided three 'CHANGE' resources free of charge to parents.

These were developed alongside people with learning disabilities and use simple words and language, large print and images to support key messages on pregnancy, parenthood and caring for babies and children.

Evaluation with parents and professionals indicates that:

  • Parents liked the pictures, layout, large print, short sentences and easy words in the CHANGE resources
  • Parents appreciated having all the information in one place
  • Parents wanted their own copy to use at home
  • Parents wanted the resources to include more information on children with behavioural difficulties and people coming into their home to provide support
  • Both parents and professionals reported low awareness of the resources
  • Professionals reported a lack of information on the internet on the CHANGE resources availability
  • Professionals were confused as to whether the resources cost to buy and how many copies they could order
  • CHANGE resources should be given out alongside wider practical support from professionals to parents

The resources are now to be distributed to pregnant women or parents with learning disabilities as an alternative to the universal resources Ready Steady Baby! and Ready Steady Toddler! NHS Health Scotland is asking practitioners to offer parents a choice between the universal publications and the alternative resources, with responsibility for distributing the resources lying with the 'Getting it Right' named person providing the care for the individual.

Resource for parents with learning disabilities



My Pregnancy My Choice - covering all aspects of pregnancy, giving birth and having a baby

Booking appointment


You and Your Baby (0-1 years) - caring for a baby in the first year of life

28 week contact


You and Your Little Child (1-5 years) - caring for a child aged one to five years

12/13 month check

Health Visitor


If you are a parent or a professional working with parents with learning disabilities, and would like copies of these resources, please contact Laura Hunter (details below).

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