ParentChannel TV

In a climate of reducing budgets and increasing demands for services and support, a new parenting website is a cost effective way of providing universal information and advice to parents and carers of children between the ages of 5-19. Offering around 190 high quality three to four-minute videos developed by leading parenting experts and funded by the Department for Education in England, the charity, Parenting UK, has developed in partnership with Capablue and Tomorrow's Child.

The short videos contain advice from over 50 experts and parent/child case studies. The content is divided into three simple categories: learning, behaviour and wellbeing.

The topics cover areas from the everyday to the hard hitting: bullying, gangs, homework, sex, stress, depression, family life, discipline, drugs, runaway teens, disability, bereavement and many more.

Each video also signposts to other more in-depth information, services and helplines.

The plan is to include even more videos catering for the 0-5 age range

The site is free to all with no need to register, so parents can come to the site any time and watch as many videos as they want. Parents have responded positively to the very user friendly format and the fact that the top tips come from other parents and children as well as experts, so they don't feel 'talked at' or 'preached to'.

The videos are a starting point with some key pointers, some new ideas, and some suggestions of where to go if more support is needed. Every family is different, so parents are not told what to do; they are given the facts and options, with links to additional support from existing services.

The website can act as a stepping stone to more formal parenting courses, can be a top up on specific issues or may engage those vulnerable families less inclined to work with statutory services. is a free online resource. The videos (one or all) can be embedded free into any other existing website or blog. Guidance and downloadable flyers are on FAQ section on the website. Videos have already been embedded on some local authority sites around the country, third sector and independent sector sites as well as some schools and children's centres. Parentchannel is also on twitter and facebook.

This free, practical, evidenced based resource is essential for every family facing practitioner and they can be confident when they signpost parents and carers to it.