Parenting policy overview: September 2015

Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014

The guidance for the GIRFEC and Named Person parts of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 has been out for consultation. Read the PAS response.

National Parenting Strategy

Outcomes framework

NHS Health Scotland has launched a new, interactive web resource for the outcomes framework developed for the National Parenting Strategy. It is a user-friendly way to find the:

  • Strategy outcomes
  • Actions which could help achieve them
  • Evidence to support different interventions

The resource is at (follow the link to 'Parenting').

Family-friendly working

Family Friendly Working Scotland is working on the commitment in the National Parenting Strategy to 'encourage businesses to promote family-friendly working practices'. Family Friendly Working Scotland is a partnership between Parenting across Scotland, Working Families, Scottish Government and Fathers Network Scotland. You can read more about its work (link back to the article on MFI) and check out its website.

Year of the dad

The National Parenting Strategy has a particular focus on fathers. The Scottish Government has announced that 2016 will be Scotland's 'Year of the Dad'. Fathers Network Scotland is coordinating this work.

Equal protection from assault

The recent UN Human Rights Committee report on the UK's implementation of the international Covenant on Civil and Political Rights expressed concern that Scotland still has a defence of 'justifiable assault' for hitting children. The UN Human Rights Committee recommends repeal of 'justifiable assault' defence.

The Criminal Justice Bill returns to the Scottish Parliament on 8 September. Children are Unbeatable is highlighting the need for equal protection from assault for all children. CHILDREN 1ST has issued a briefing on this.

Domestic abuse disclosure scheme

Given that domestic abuse perpetrators are likely to be serial offenders, Police Scotland has announced that it is extending its disclosure scheme for domestic abuse across Scotland. Women and men who suspect that their partner has a history of abuse may now have this information disclosed to them. More information about the domestic abuse disclosure scheme.

Scottish Government consultations

The following consultations are open: