Mapping parenting resources

Children 1st has published a report, commissioned by the Scottish Government, which maps parenting information in Scotland and identifies the gaps.

The report contributes towards Scottish Government commitments under the National Parenting Strategy. The report indicates what needs to be done to ensure parents can get information throughout their children's lives.

Children 1st mapped 560 information resources from 119 organisations and found that:

  • There is a wealth of parenting information provided by a wide range of organisations covering many issues
  • Much of this information is universally targeted; however, fewer resources are aimed parents and carers with specific support needs such as fathers or kinship carers
  • Most resources are for parents of very young children; there is little information outside education to support parents and carers of teenagers
  • All providers could do more to make their information more accessible through different formats and languages
  • Most information was up to date, meaning that it is likely to be useful and relevant to parents
  • Most information was available free and online but information providers need to do more to keep up with technology, for example mobile apps
  • There is considerable duplication for some issues, for example breastfeeding

Anne Houston, chief executive of Children 1st said, 'We know from our work with families the difference that can be made with the right information and support at the right time. From time to time, every parent or carer needs help and it's important that they know where to go to get it. The publication of this report and the online resource section marks the start of a journey to deliver on the commitments in the National Parenting Strategy.  We look forward to working with the Scottish Government and other key stakeholders on that journey.'

Download the full report here (PDF)

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