Interview with Aberlour children's charity

Liz Nolan, Depute Director of Aberlour, talks about how the families Aberlour work with have been affected by the pandemic

  1. What have been the specific issues for the families you work with during the pandemic?
  • isolation, increases in mental health and domestic abuse issues
  • loss of income
  • significant increases in living costs – increased food and electricity costs as children not in school, clothing cost increases
  • digital exclusion and inability to undertake school work
  • increased travel costs.
  1. How have your services adapted and responded?
  • increased digital engagement – 1:1 and group activities.
  • practical support such as shopping and meal delivery for families who would normally have had face to face support
  • help from Aberlour’s Urgent Assistance Fund 
  1. What are the issues arising for families that you work with now?
  • ongoing financial difficulties
  • ongoing mental health issues
  • fear of eviction
  • loss of jobs and limited opportunities
  • childcare issues
  1. What needs to happen to help families that you work with now?
  • increased access to financial support.
  • additional support for family support as we have seen a significant increase in need
  • Families previously unknown to us have had to ask or be referred for family and financial support.