Growing confidence

Training parents, carers and staff

Growing Confidence aims to promote positive mental health and emotional wellbeing by training parents, carers and practitioners.  Originally developed in Edinburgh, it will now run Scotland-wide with funding from the Big Lottery Fund.  This will enable practitioners to become licensed to offer 'raising children with confidence' (RCWC) courses to parents/carers in their local areas.

The RCWC course promotes positive mental health and emotional wellbeing in parents/carers and their children. Of the 879 parents/carers who have taken part so far:

  • 92% thought that their understanding and awareness of factors that affect children's mental health and wellbeing had improved
  • 92% thought it had a positive impact on their relationships with their children

A follow-up survey of 203 parents/carers who had completed the course in 2009 to 2011 found these benefits continued though:

  • Better understanding of the factors that affect children's mental health
  • Supporting children's resilience
  • Increased awareness of how individual behaviour affects others
  • Improved resilience to cope with stressful parenting situations

As one parent/carer comented:

'I feel more supported and confident now. It has given me strategies that work and much more empathy and understanding. I don't feel isolated and alone. I realise that other parents need support too.'

The three-day training for RCWC facilitators programme is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and recognised throughout Europe.  This is open to practitioners, and parents/carers who have completed the RCWC course. On completion, they receive materials and a DVD allowing them to run courses for parents/carers in their areas.

For further information on the growing confidence development programme and courses see

To run a programme in your area contact Molly Page, mental health and wellbeing development officer, 0131 529 7655