Family research - update

Challenges from the frontline – revisited

NSPCC Scotland and Barnardo’s Scotland’s new report reveals harrowing impact of years of austerity on vulnerable families across the country. The report, Challenges from the Frontline – Revisited, highlights the devastating impact of the rollout of welfare reform on children and their families and the effects of local government funding cuts on the support available to them

New research looks at parenting interventions targeting marginalised parents

The research (from the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow) found that parenting interventions targeting marginalised parents are acceptable and useful and may potentially be effective in breaking cycles of negative parenting. 

One of the researchers, Dr Katie Buston, has written a blog summarising the research:

You can read the full paper in the journal Child Care in Practice

Flexistability: Building back better for the UK’s working families

The social and economic consequences of Covid-19 have ushered in extraordinary changes in our country almost overnight. The impact of the pandemic on families has been multi- faceted, and, for some, extreme. Working Families, the work-life balance charity, draws on the experiences of both parents and employers to outline what building back better could mean for working families

Covid-19 research

There has been much research carried out in relation to Covid-19 and its impact on children and families. We highlight some of the research below.

Weathering the winter storm: Strengthening financial security in Scotland thoughout the ongoing Covid-19 crisis

IPPR Scotland’s recent report looks at how the Covid-19 crisis has exacerbated financial insecurity for families across Scotland and pushed many more people into a state of insecurity.

“Vulnerable families”

The Scottish Government has published a series of papers on ‘vulnerable families’ during the pandemic.

Covid-19 and lone parents with dependent children

This briefing follows a paper produced by Public Health Scotland, before Covid-19, which looks at higher levels of child poverty in lone-parent families. This briefing looks at the same subject within the context of Covid-19 and highlights the challenges that Covid-19 presents to the efforts to reduce child poverty in lone-parent families.

COVID realities: families on low incomes during the pandemic

Overall, the project will illuminate the experiences of families in poverty during an unprecedented time; influence the evolving policy response; generate insight into how social security policymaking in the UK changes, and is changed, by COVID-19.