Developing effective parenting support

About Families puts the evidence into practice

In October 2012, About Families published Parenting and support which explores research into how families look for, experience and manage support from family, friends and formal services.  It is now helping organisations to develop services with involvement from service users.

Parents manage better when they have support.  Engaging parents and families with support services is vital for resolving problems and enabling positive change in families.  But families can face many barriers in getting services; and those affected by disability, from minority ethnic communities and fathers face particular barriers.  About Families is helping to develop action plans with a project for lone fathers run by One Parent Families Scotland and the Capability Scotland advice service.

The OPFS Dads Club supports lone fathers to take part in activities with their young children and also provides them with advice and support.  About Families is supporting the project to develop parenting education which will build fathers' parenting skills, their understanding of child development and their confidence in parenting.

The project is also proposing joint work with Place2Be which provides emotional support to children and families through ten schools in Edinburgh.  This will offer father-specific support through drop in or school referral.

About Families is also working with the Capability Scotland advice service to increase local authority and health staff awareness of the information and support needs of disabled parents