Teenagers (Family Lives)

Advice for parents of teenagers and anyone with a teenager in their life. Offers parent-to-parent support, informal advice, useful information and a community of other parents.

  • Drugs/Alcohol including: talking about drugs, underage drinking, illegal drugs - A-Z of guide
  • Communicating with teens including: why it's important, encouraging communication, rules of good communication
  • Sex and relationships including: teenage pregnancy, teens and porn, gay, straight or bi?
  • Health/Wellbeing including: peer pressure, teenagers and sleep, self harming
  • Online including: online safety, sexting, gaming
  • School/Learning including: choosing school subjects, teenagers and homework, truancy
  • Behaviour including: teen violence at home, gangs, setting boundaries
  • You and your teen including: what your teen needs, empty nest syndrome, spending time together

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