Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs

Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs supports anyone who is concerned about someone else’s alcohol or drug use.

A family here means family members, carers, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, or any other concerned significant other.

They provide a range of services across Scotland from their base in Glasgow. Services include: 

  • A free confidential Helpline – 08080 10 10 11 / which provides listening support and advice to anyone concerned about someone else’s alcohol or drug use. The Helpline is available Monday – Friday between 9am and 11pm and Saturday and Sunday between 5pm and 11pm.
  • A Telehealth service which is a series of free one-to-one sessions over the phone, video chat or instant messaging over 6-8 weeks and is available across Scotland.
  • A Bereavement Support Service which offers listening support and advice to family members who have lost a loved one where drugs may have been a reason for their death along with the opportunity to a professional counsellor in their local area. The service is free and offers up to six individual counselling sessions.
  • And Family Support Services in East Dunbartonshire and Forth Valley through one-to-one support and family support groups.
  • Scottish Families also delivers workforce training and development support to organisations across Scotland. Any enquiries should go to


Contact details:

Edward House 199 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow G2 3EX

Phone: 0141 465 7523

Helpline: 0808 010 1011




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