Ready Steady Toddler! (NHS Health Scotland)

Hands-on guide to bringing up a toddler, covering:

  • Everyday issues: communication, playing, food and diet, childcare, bedtime routine
  • Growing up: your toddler's development, potty training, your toddler's personality, toddler tantrums
  • You and your family: looking after yourself, brothers and sisters, families
  • Your toddler's health: health service, prevention and cure, toddler safety, special needs

Also has some useful features such as:

  • Tips for toddler-proofing your home
  • Toddler health hot spots (caring for their feet, genital area, skin care, hair, lungs, teeth, eyes and ears)
  • Dealing with tantrums

Printed books are also available from NHS Health Scotland by emailing the address below. Available in English and Polish.

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