Ouch! Disability dads series (BBC)

In February and March 2012 Ouch! ran a great series of articles by dads with a disability and dads with a disabled child.

My Down's Decade

Steve Palmer blogs about his first decade in 'Down's world' as his son Stan's comes up to his tenth birthday.

Deaf Dad

Charlie Swinbourne on some of the things that could only happen to a hearing-aid wearing dad.

From accident to rehab to fatherhood

Tim Rushby-Smith became paralysed and a parent at the same time. Six years later, he writes about his life as a wheelchair-using dad of two.

She does know it's Tuesday

Eduardo Reyes blogs about the way his young daughter who has Rett Syndrome, has challenged and changed what he needs to be as a loving parent.

The boy who makes me strive to live longer

At 41, Tim Wotton has reached the median age of survival for a person with cystic fibrosis and intends to carry on keeping healthy for his now five year old son.

I'm differently sporty with my disabled son

James Melville-Ross writes about how life with the children they worked so hard to conceive didn't turn out the way they had planned.

Ouch! was a blog and internet talk show which went beyond the headlines to reflect disability life.

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