National Autistic Society Scotland

The National Autistic Society has services that can support families with children or young people on the autism spectrum.

Education rights service offers telephone and email based advice and information to parents and carer’s about how to get support for their child in education, how to resolve disagreements and can even support families with appeals.

Phone - 0808 800 4102

Web enquiry

Transition support service offers telephone and email based support to autistic young people aged 14 and over and their families. We can help inform families of the duties relating to transition, help them explore options and access further support.

Phone – 0808 800 0027

Web enquiry

Parent to parent service provides emotional support to parent with children on the autism spectrum.

Phone – 0808 800 4106

Web enquiry


National Autistic Society Scotland

Central Chambers 1st Floor, 109 Hope Street Glasgow G2 6LL

Helpline: 0808 800 4104




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