Birth to five: your NHS guide to parenting in the early years (NHS Choices)

A comprehensive guide to your child's early years, from new born baby to toddler to nursery age, including.

  • Crying (excessive crying, tips to soothe a crying baby)
  • Feeding (bottle feeding, breast feeding)
  • Sleep (baby sleep tips, common sleep problems)
  • Nappies (changing nappies, nappy rash, washable nappies)
  • Accidents, first aid and safety (choking, resuscitation, sun burn, cot death)
  • Behaviour (overactive, hitting, biting, kicking, fighting, temper tantrums)
  • Illness (medicines, common childhood illnesses, constipation and soiling, diarrhoea and vomiting, eczema, meningitis, threadworms)
  • Healthy diet (weaning, drinks and cups, first foods, food allergies, foods to avoid, problems with eating, food safety and hygiene, vegetarian and vegan, vitamins)
  • Learning and playing (books, playing, toys, speech)
  • Potty training and bedwetting
  • Reviews, tests and vaccinations (immunisation, screening, development, eyesight, hearing, weight and height)
  • Your health (stress, domestic violence, post natal depression, smoking, sleep and tiredness)
  • Relationships (sex and contraception, sexually transmitted infections)

Has an interactive parenting tool, videos and child development timeline.

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