Info for families

Family life is full of ups and downs and decisions to make. But there's a lot of good, support and information available for parents and carers. Here you can access free parent resources, support networks and parent helplines on a range of topics.

Woman looking at bill anxiously with child to side

Help with the rising cost of living

People you can talk to, sources of extra money, how to save money on household bills, and support in your local community.



If you just need to talk to someone, go to our helplines page which lists useful contact details for organisations such as Parentline Scotland, Lone Parent helpline and the Samaritans.

New - mum and baby

Pregnancy and babies

Every pregnancy and birth is different and life-changing. As wonderful as it can be, becoming a new parent is demanding, so it's important to get help when you need it.

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Toddlers and pre-school

Young children are amazing and often exhausting. Along with the hugs and smiles, may come tantrums and floods of tears. Toddler years are wonderful but there may be times when you're worried about your child.

Children at nursery

Age 5-12

Starting school marks the beginning of a more independent life for your child, and a new range of issues for parents and carers: friendship ups and downs, getting in trouble, learning difficulties, bullying...

Teenage boy and girl


Relationships, independence, body image, school pressures - the teens can be tough all round. If you’re feeling the strain, you are not alone!

New - mum and daughter

Parents and carers

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and relationships change. Whether you're living together or apart, it's important to make sure your children grow up in a secure environment.

Dad and baby son


There's been an upsurge in free advice and information for dads lately, so we've brought together a good selection of websites, booklets and videos on pregnancy, birth, fatherhood and family life.

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Suggest a resource

If you know of an organisation, website or helpline that you think would be useful for parents and families, please let us know.